Pulz- 2015


The ICT society of Ananda College has a unparalleled legacy when it comes to the school based ICT arena. A few of its national as well as international victories are as follows, Winner of the It mastermind all island ICT quiz competition; winners of the gold, silver and bronze medals of the young computer scientist competition 2014 organised by FITIS as well as the gold medal winner of the young computer scientist competition this year were all members of the Ananda College ICT society. Furthermore two members of the ICT society was able to win the gold award by surpassing participants from 18 countries in the Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Awards held in Indonesia. Sri Lanka has won this award after a period of six years. Members of the ICT Society who represented Sri Lanka at the International School Software competition, were placed second runner up and were nominated as the finalists of the Imagine Cup 2015 competition. Moreover, a member of the ICT society were selected for the Intel Science Exhibition and Fair 2013 held in the United States of America for his project “a low cost head tracking system to assist differently abled people in working with computers“. Therefore spanning over a decade, the ICT Society of Ananda College, has been the most prominent school based ICT force in Sri Lanka. The ICT society organize many events such as school rehabilitation programs, ICT workshops, training programs and competitions to develop the ICT sector in the country.. Pulz is the annual ICT day organised by the ICT society of Ananda College. Since 2006, students representing schools from all parts of Sri Lanka join to witness the pinnacle of school based ICT events which is Pulz. Named the “National ICT Convention”, Pulz is organized to find hidden skills and talents of students and also showcase their inborn talents to the world. Organized by Ananda College, Colombo, Pulz is the epitome of school based ICT and has thus far been the only event taken at such a grand scale. Held annually, the event brings together students from leading schools in Colombo and suburban areas. Taglined as the “National ICT Convention”, the event was first held in 2006 and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since. This year Pulz 2015 was held with a wide range of competitions. These mainly belong to inter-school competitions. These inter-school competitions were held in three main phases, an online quiz competition, a workshop and skills test, while the final event was held at Hotel Galadari. The teams selected from the online quiz competition, were guided through a training programme organised in connection with the University of Colombo and later, those teams were be invited for the event at Galadari Hotel. The ICT day, Pulz ‘15 concluded as a mammoth success on the 15th of June 2015 at the Hotel Galadari, Colombowith a participation of over 300 individuals. The Hon. Minister of Mass Media and Parliamentary affairs Mr. Gayantha Karunatilleka graced the event as the chief guest. The Guest of honor for the day was the director of the University of Colombo School of Computing, Prof. Gihan Wickramanayake whilst the Guest speaker was Chairman of SLASSCOM Mr. Jayantha De Silva. There were many competitions held on the ICT day such as the Pulz ‘15 Mini-hackathon, The Pulz ’15 Coffe table challenge as well as the overall championship the Pulz Challenge Trophy. Furthermore awards for the inter school and intra school Software development, Still Graphic designing, Web development as well as 2D and 3D animation competitions held in connection were also awarded at the event. Royal College Colombo emerged as Runners Up for the Pulz Challenge trophy 2015 while Nalanda College became victors and walked away with Rs. 6 Million worth of Scholarship from IIT which calculate to Rs. 1.5 Million per student. The total prize pool distributed roughly amounted to Rs. 15 million and was mostly thanks to the platinum sponsor of the whole event Institution of Informatics Sri Lanka without whose support Pulz ‘15 wouldn’t have been possible. Pulz ’15, which transcended the traditional boundaries of a conventional ICT day was indeed a milestone in the development of the ICT sector in Sri Lanka.


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