Social Media and the Internet as a whole networked of entities has spread its reach far and


It poses a massive impact on the current day world economy.

Social Media is being adapted and used by renowned businesses, government organisations, innovative based entrepreneurs and much more numerous industries to promote their products, services and even as the e-learning factor.

While social media is very much more effective in comparison to the typical old system. It furthermore brings a new face to the organisation/individual who uses it for their work. But there is a considerable drawback in relation to schools, specially in Sri Lanka. Since schools’

provide less focus and exposure to their students when giving access directly to social media. This is where IIT focuses, as a renowned institute, creating academical excellence Information and Business professionals graduates for the last 25 years, we have introduced a new project specially focused for school students.

Our main focus in this project is to provide a platform for all ICT clubs’ school students the worthwhile opportunity to expose their school events. It will be implemented as a web portal which is dedicated to ICT school students throughout the island.

After registering to our web portal, school students will have the opportunity to create their relevant school events, promote these events to a larger audience and even interact and participate with other school events through our student web portal. Not only will this provide a new e-learning experience to the students, but also filter out unwanted spam and threats which would occur in a normal social network website.

Furthermore it would even provide students the opportunity to communicate with another batch of students in another part of the island. Finally as our mission is to develop creative and highly skilled professionals with an international outlook, this student web portal is a small step in which we strive to achieve our mission, as well as developing worthwhile citizens to the society for many years to come.

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